One of the main goals of the Centre is to explore the phenomenon of private wealth and family business in Russia in order to introduce missing infrastructure elements, including improvement of legislation and educational products offering. To accomplish the objectives WTC conducts its first of the regular studies of Russian wealth possessors.

  • Russia’s Wealth Possessors Study 2015


    We are taking upon ourselves the responsibility of pioneers: we will analyse international practices in asset management, succession and philanthropy, offering ready solutions for the Russian market. Today, for the first time in nearly 100 years – since 1917 – our country is faced with questions of succession, not only important from the point of view of who get what but also how civilised and professional this transmission of wealth will be".
    Ruben Vardanyan        


    The Study is a project of the SKOLKOVO Wealth Transformation Centre, addressing private wealth and family business. Although the history of private wealth in Russia numbers only a few decades questions of wealth and business succession are today more relevant than ever. Their resolution is not only pertinent for the wealth possessors and their family members, as they are directly linked to the country’s economic stability. They are therefore also significant for employees and businesses, service providers and the society as a whole.

    Russia’s Wealth Possessors Study 2015 aims to reveal the attitude of Russia’s businessmen and investors to succession, asset management, charity and philanthropy. The main focus points and hypotheses were identified through preliminary review of both foreign and local academic literature as well as practical studies of private and family wealth.

    The Study focuses on the following themes:

    • Business and wealth succession: identify the position of respondents toward these questions, understanding of their nature and degree of succession mechanism elaboration. Issues of preservation and evolution of family wealth in Russia are important because currently the mechanisms allowing this are not fully matured.
    • Asset management: determine the level of understanding of available opportunities, measure satisfaction with services currently on offer, identify the main difficulties.
    • Philanthropy: determine the degree of involvement in charitable and philanthropic activities, main focus areas, major motives and significant barriers to this activity.
    • Family and values: identifying personal and family values of Russia’s wealth possessors, their guiding principles and long term goals is placed as the cornerstone of the study.

    The data obtained through the course of the interviews with Russia’s wealth possessors will allow us to better understand their perception the current situation. The Study’s conclusions will help identify further areas of research and necessary infrastructural elements such as regulatory norms, products and services, as well as educational programmes. One of our objectives was to develop and enrich the national academic expertise in the given field. We hope that the given Study will promote the development of new research methodologies and further the interest for research in the field which currently requires more attention.

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